Whether you have been a licensed and practicing clinician for one year or twenty, you will encounter clinical situations that challenge your clinical knowledge, skills and comfort level. Consultation takes on many forms, from situational case consultation to a mastery of theory and technique. It’s important to recognize the value of continuing to increase our clinical competence and refine practice knowledge and skills throughout evolving careers as psychotherapists.

Are you feeling stuck, confused or frustrated with a client?

Clinical Case Consultation is the opportunity for established clinicians to discuss, explore, and develop enhanced strategies in confronting obstacles to quality client care, such as the transference and counter-transference issues that are a force in the therapeutic relationship.

Are you having difficulty maintaining appropriate boundaries with a client or those involved in the case?

Clinical Case Consultation is the opportunity to understand and manage ethical dilemmas with clients and in the practice setting.

Are you encountering issues outside your area of expertise? Are you curious about other theoretical frameworks and best-practices for client care that will deepen your understanding and work with clients?

Clinical Case Consultation is the opportunity to:

  • explore theories of psychotherapy (such as psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, family systems, attachment)
  • examine clients through different lenses
  • integrate the mastery of new strategies and interventions into your practice

Are you transitioning from the community/group setting into private practice?

Clinical Consultation guides you as you balance the clinical and administrative aspects that challenge independent practitioners; ensures continued professional development and expanded clinical competency, as you reach and retain clients for practice growth.

I offer dynamic, challenging and supportive clinical consultation to help you identify obstacles, use discussion and reading material to expand your theoretical framework, and master strategies and interventions for best client care.

The path is different for each person, and changes as we move through our lives. We will partner to realize the path that meets your needs at this moment in your life.