Integrative Sound Therapy

Integrative Sound Psychotherapy melds the practices of psychotherapy, meditation & mindfulness and sound therapy into an overall therapeutic, healing and restorative experience. Blending talk psychotherapy with Sound Therapy and meditation further opens our minds, allowing for the curiosity to explore emotions and experiences, while settling the body so that we sit with the emotional discomfort of deep exploration.

There are many reasons to seek Integrative Sound Psychotherapy:

  • relieve stress
  • decrease anxiety & depression
  • increase emotional & mental clarity
  • release emotional tension
  • boost the immune system
  • enhance creativity
  • create a deep sense of peace and relaxation
  • promote happiness & wellbeing
  • enhance interpersonal relationships
  • support & understanding during life changes and transitions
  • heal from the effects of trauma (sexual abuse, violence, post-traumatic stress)

Integrative Sound Psychotherapy

Sometimes we cannot access feelings and experiences through talking. Integrative Sound Psychotherapy involves Sound Therapy and meditation to allow access to feelings and experiences, and talk psychotherapy to integrate these discoveries. Together we will partner to identify a pathway for growth and well-being.

Integrative Sound Therapy session is 75 minutes, which includes a combination of Sound Therapy, psychotherapy and meditation.


As your Psychotherapist, I will to go through the messy and tangled journey with you…as you evolve into your authentic and genuine self. Meaningful change occurs with a deeper understanding of how we connect with others and navigate the world around us.

Positive changes in the way you think, feel and act can occur at any age or stage in life.
Seeing a therapist is a strength and belief in your self-worth. Knowledge is power and knowledge about yourself enables you to relate better to others and to cope with whatever comes your way – long after you’ve finished therapy.

Psychotherapy session is 50 minutes.

Sound Therapy

Sound & Vibrational Therapy is a mindfulness practice, using the sound and vibrations of Himalayan Healing Bowls, encouraging deep relaxation as a means of healing the mind, body and spirit.

Experiences, feelings and stress (and their many manifestations) have the tendency to get stuck within our bodies, encouraging physical and emotional dis-ease. The vibrations created by playing the Healing Bowls move this energy through your body. The sounds of the Healing Bowls “singing” move brainwaves from active states to more relaxed states, promoting a deep sense of relaxation and peace. Experienced together, the sound & vibration encourage the energy to move through your mind and body, re-aligning your body, mind and soul for optimal emotional and physical health.

During a Sound Therapy session, you will lay on the massage table, fully clothed. Himalayan Healing Bowls are placed on and around your body. Using a felt mallet, the bowls are played and will “sing,” encouraging the sound and vibrations to travel from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet.

Sound Therapy session is 60 minutes.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation and Mindfulness in Austin, TXMindfulness is moving through our lives fully engaged in the present moment. When we are engaged in the present moment, we are aware of thoughts and feelings as they occur, which allows us to respond instead of reacting.

Meditation is the practice of being mindful. Meditation and Mindfulness give us the tools to train our brains to be more focused, engaged, less reactive and more fluid in our emotional states. We use both to cultivate presence in the present moment, creating rest for the mind and space to plant the seeds of life change.

Whether you are interested in beginning a meditation practice or deepening your existing meditation practice, we will design a meditation strategies and practice that works for you.

Meditation sessions can be individual or as a group. Individual session is 45 minutes. Group sessions are 45 minutes.

You make the path by walking, the path is what you need in this moment. Any of the above practices can be designed for YOUR path. For example, when you engage for psychotherapy, we can incorporate aspects of sound and meditation.

The path is different for each person, and changes as we move through our lives. We will partner to realize the path that meets your needs at this moment in your life.