I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who takes an integrated approach to psychotherapy. I am also a McLean Meditation Institute certified meditation & mindfulness teacher, and a certified Sound Therapy Practitioner.

Integrative Sound Psychotherapy involves three approaches to health and healing: psychotherapy, meditation and Sound Therapy. I will work with you to discover your path, which may include any combination of these three approaches.

I am a Clinical Social Worker/ Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor who takes an integrative approach to clinical supervision.

During my years of clinical training and practice, a common thread that allowed me to develop my individual voice as a psychotherapist: wonderfully talented and intelligent supervisors and mentors selflessly shared their skills and wisdom with me, encouraging me to find my unique voice as a therapist and supervisor.

Because LCSW Supervision is the opportunity to develop a solid foundation and launching point for your career as a Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist, it is important to have the best fit for your learning style and clinical interests. I enjoy an environment that is dynamic, challenging and supportive to your learning goals and style. Excellent supervision and consultation allows for the integration of your education and experiences, developing a rich individual therapeutic style.

Consultation allows established clinicians, from diverse disciplines, to broaden your knowledge-base of current theories and advance your clinical skills, as your encounter new and diverse clients and clinical experiences.

Susan talks about sound and vibrational therapy on the People’s RX “Let’s Get Healthy” radio show

The path is different for each person, and changes as we move through our lives. We will partner to realize the path that meets your needs at this moment in your life.